One of the most important parts of my “get fit” message is that fitness training can be done anywhere, at any time, without any equipment. This is 100% true and I stand by that statement. However! I’m also here to teach folks how to make exercise a more convenient part of their every day life. One of the easiest ways to ensure you can make that happen is to have a piece of cardio equipment in your own home. I own several and it’s hard to describe how valuable they are to me as both a fitness professional and junkie. Why? I too, have children. I run two busy businesses and do all sorts of other things. Like you, my schedule is just slammed and I could easily make up a bunch of lame reasons for missing exercise. But I don’t. Why? Because my treadmill, elliptical trainer, stationary bike and stepper compel me to move.

Cardio equipment in your own home is just the ultimate excuse-buster! You can use it when:

  • it’s too hot or cold outside
  • it’s too dark
  • your kids are sleeping, playing or sick,
  • you don’t want to go to a gym or the gym is closed
  • you only have 17 minutes for some exercise and that doesn’t allow for a commute
  • you’re contagious
  • it’s the holidays
  • you don’t have anything to wear
  • you’re working from home

Every excuse you’ve ever made to avoid exercise just turns to dust when you own a stepper, bike or other.

StepperAs a bona fide treadmill addict, I’ll share with you some of my personal favorite “pros” I’ve enjoyed owning one. I can and often do workout in my sports bra and undies. Forget a fabulous and expensive fitness wardrobe. I’m out to impress no one but myself as I jog along with almost nothing on. If it’s hot at the gym, I must suffer through it – if it’s hot at home, I just strip down. I can watch TV, talk on the phone and read a magazine while jogging at 6.7 miles per hour. Yes I can and yes I do! I do love running outdoors, but sometimes it becomes a little dull. Two episodes of Two and a Half Men serve as the perfect entertainment for my at-home jogs. I’m also a fan of reading or chatting while working out at home. Cellphone usage is often awkward and uncomfortable with fellow gym-goers surrounding me. At home, my best friends and I can catch up over a few miles of privacy. Lastly, I can workout while also doing the laundry. You know. I turn the machine on, jog for a while, do another load, jog some more. I force exercise in to my life and my cardio machines just make it all so much easier to do so.

Often the thought of purchasing cardio equipment sounds too expensive or scary. I’d like to calm your nerves by ensuring you that it’s an investment you can enjoy for years to come. A quality machine will normally cost somewhere in the $1,000 range, should come with a lifetime warranty on the motor and a few years on the other parts. If you choose a great machine, then it will likely need little repair. An alternative is to buy a used machine inexpensively on Craigslist or other, you’ll just have to do your research first. I’ll follow up with another article soon on exactly how to choose a great piece of cardio equipment, but in the meantime … I highly recommend you decide to make at least one piece a part of your home.