While I started my New Year’s resolution last week (to get a head start) most people did not and therefore I needed to park in the secondary lot at the club today.

Now, I got a late start today and so I only had about an hour to get in my run, shower, get dressed, and meet my family for a New Year’s Day movie. (Parental Guidance-not bad but not Billy Crystal’s best)

So I decided for my treadmill run I would do a “sprint” run. Technically, I am not sprinting. My “sprint run” consists of me running a total of 3 miles, at a pace that is about 30 seconds a mile faster than my current long run pace. So today, since my last “longer run” was at a 9 minute/mile pace, my goal for today’s run is to go 3 miles in a time of 25:30 or less.

Mile one is important because although I usually run this mile as a warm up that is NOT at pace, I do need to keep it close to pace so that I don’t have to increase my pace TOO much in the last 2 miles. Remember 3 miles is still a decent distance for me and if I have to go too fast, there is always the chance I don’t finish the 3 miles at all.

My first mile I am 5 seconds behind my goal pace:

Mile One

So I click the speed up 1 notch to 7.1 miles an hour because I know that pace is 8:27/mile or 3 seconds BELOW pace and since I have 2 miles to go, at this pace I should JUST make my goal. I also know that if I am feeling up to it, I will up the running pace even more in the last half mile of my run. All that time (as much as I can do) will serve to surpass my goal and help set a goal for my next “sprint run”.

So I get to the 2.5 Mile mark and I am feeling pretty good so I start my stretch run speed increases. I increase the speeds every tenth of a mile with the following schedule:

Mile Mark         Treadmill Speed
4.6                           7.2
4.7                           7.3
4.8                           7.4
4.9                           7.5

Seems random, but actually there is a method which is this: Whenever I increase a speed by just a tenth of a mile per hour, I find it hard to even tell the difference. It is sort of a trick on my lungs and legs!

Also, the FASTEST pace I want to go during a “stretch run” is 30 seconds FASTER than my pace. I do this because running too fast can cause injury, but if I have a pace of 8:30/mile, then “sprinting” at an 8:00/mile pace should not be a problem. (7.5MPH is an 8:00/mile pace)

So I finish my 3 mile time in 25:23 or 7 seconds above goal.

As always I also note HOW FAR I go in the full GOAL TIME (in this case 25:30) and today that is 3.02 miles.



Now, because I finish my 3 mile sprint in less than 30 minutes, I like to use the remaining 4 minutes to do 4 sets of wind sprints. For wind sprints what I do is increase my pace to a FULL 1 mile/per hour faster than the fastest I have run that day. (Today 8.5MPH), and I run for 40 seconds and then I jump to the sides of the treadmill and take a 20 second break.


I do this for as many minutes as I have left. (Today that was 4 minutes.)

So the final numbers for my 30 minutes was as follows-A good sprint run for me today.

Run Final

So after my run I grabbed a low calorie Gatorade and a shower and headed to the movie theatre to spend some time with my family. Once home I needed to eat something and settle in to watch some New Year’s day football. My Badgers are in the Rose Bowl for the third straight year and I am hoping they can pull off the upset tonight.

I do a pretty good job of watching what I eat:

A chicken sandwich on wheat roll, a portion of cashews, and a Jell-O Brand sugar free rice pudding (only 70 calories and really yummy).


Happy New Year to you all I, like MILLIONS of others on the first day of the year, have done my part to “Take care of my Days”.

Now I just need to do that again tomorrow.