workout workSometimes juggling work and workouts seems to be impossible. You’ve got to get to the office early and often stay really late too. You might even be juggling a little thing like a family as well. Oh, the days seem hard. However! Where there is a will, there is a way and what I’d like you to do is think outside of the box to make a healthy body a reality for you. Let’s start by chatting about the benefits of fitness training and eating healthy. I’ll keep the list short and only highlight the things that are likely relevant to you.

  • Strength – sturdiness
  • Stamina – endurance
  • Flexibility – ability to move without injury
  • Stress release – ability to handle all you have to do with a better attitude
  • Increased energy and productivity – ability to get all of your work done in a shorter amount of time
  • Brain power – you’ll work faster and more creatively
  • Better attitude – you’ll be nicer to work with, live with and have more patience for others
  • Ideal weight – Everything in your world will improve when you feel great and increase confidence

Going through this short “highlight” list, it’s hard to deny that you’ll be a much more productive employee or boss if you’re working out regularly. Can you imagine getting all of your work done early, so that you actually had time to schedule workouts during your day? Well, that sure would be nice. In fact, most employers who are not penny-wise and pound-foolish would be happy to give a productive salaried employee time to get fit. Heck! Your improved health saves them oodles of cash each year. Unfit employees call in sick more often and are far less productive.  Let’s discuss ways in which you can work workouts in to your workday.

Start by forcing workouts in via appointment. Give them the priority of a dentist appointment and make it happen. You may have to set your alarm 35 minutes early to exercise before work, or pack a gym bag and book an appointment with a trainer after work. (Nothing enhances your willingness to do something like paying in advance!) If you exercise in the morning though, you ensure nothing can “mess up your plans” to do so.

Start scheduling Talk and Walk meetings. Time spent with your secretary, boss or coworkers can be just as productive while walking around the building or down the block. You may feel crazy asking for this, but don’t be shocked if folks seem grateful to squeeze in exercise as well. Always keep a pair of sneakers in your desk or car.

Keep exercise clothes in your car. If you stuff a bag full of T-shirts, shorts and sneakers in your trunk, you’ll be able to take advantage of any free time. Preparation makes perspiration much more convenient. No excuses, right?

Squeeze exercise in behind closed doors. There’s no reason you can’t do a quickie 5 minute workout like this one during your day. Do it in your office, in a conference room or outside. It’s a quick and effective way of fitness training! No need to change clothes.

Make weekends count. Ideally, you’ll exercise most days of the week. That means four-six days. So if you exercise on both Saturday and Sunday, you’ll only have to find a couple of other days to reach your goals.

Down with movies! Plan extracurricular activities around ACTIVITY like hiking, swimming, dancing or bowling. Don’t just watch basketball on TV, get out and PLAY basketball too.

Bring in speakers. Companies are always amazed by the enhanced motivation and commitment to fitness once I speak to their employees. A short presentation can have lasting results. Worth the investment for sure.