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The new Vision Fitness T40 is the non fold up treadmill in the Vision lineup and comes with the choice of three different consoles. The Classic, Elegant, and Touch. The Classic is a traditional LED display where the the elegant is a 10 inch LCD and the Touch is a full 15.6in touch screen. I do like all three displays I am just not sure if most users will understand the $1400 difference between them.

The virtual active courses are really cool and may be a reason to buy one of these units, but an app is available with the same courses and for $1400 I can buy a lot of iPads and large TV’s. SO it comes down to what kind of pricing a dealer can get you on these units and if you as the user enjoy having all the usefulness in one package.

The new SHOCK ABSORPTION SYSTEM on the Vision units does have a nice feel and they are trying to simulate the Life Fitness system in my opinion. The Life System is still superior in feel but the Vision Fitness T40 deck does have a nice run to it. They also made their new decks maintenance free up to 20000 miles which is a very nice feature for users who don’t want to remember to lubricate their deck annually.

The non folding Vision Fitness T40 has a very solid feel and a large running surface that can hold up to a wide range of users and workouts. For a residential unit it has a good feel with a nice amount of absorption that lets you get to speed and maintain it without feeling like the unit is gonna run away from you.


Contact Grips
All Vision Fitness® treadmills come standard with contact heart rate grips to monitor your heart rate during your workout.

Escape with Passport™

Imagine beginning your workout in your living room and finishing in the Italian countryside. The Passport™ media player (sold separately), featuring Virtual Active™ technology, is a high-definition workout experience that uses real destination footage and matching ambient sounds from stunning locations around the world. When connected to your home television, Passport interacts wirelessly with your equipment to seamlessly sync your speed and workout intensity with the video playback on your TV.

Ultra Zone™ Cushioning System

Vision Fitness® treadmills use a variable cushioning system designed to give you the most cushion at the point of impact and added support in the back where it is needed the most

Easy Folding Frame

The easy to use folding system allows you to unfold our treadmills by simply lifting the latch and lowering the treadmill. Our exclusive “drop assist” deck helps support the weight as the treadmill is lowered and lifted.

Experience Your Workout in High Definition

The top-of-the line Touch console is loaded with features, including Virtual Active™ workouts, which take you through stunning destinations in high definition. The 15.6″ touchscreen display offers 19 pre-programmed workouts, as well as iPod® and iPhone® compatibility, workout tracking through Nike + iPod® and heart rate training with the included Polar® chest strap and wireless receiver. For added convenience, it also includes a calendar-style workout journal that stores data for multiple users.

Top-of-the-line Deck System

The heavy-gauge welded steel frame creates a stable walking and running platform that won’t rock or shake during your most intense workout sessions. Plus, our new maintenance-free belt fibers are bonded with wax, allowing them to run smoothly for years to come. This proven technology requires no messy lubrication and has been tested up to 4,000 hours or 20,000 miles of use.

Sprint 8®: The Perfect Fitness Solution

The exclusive 20-minute Sprint 8® workout program has been medically proven to boost energy, reduce body fat and promote lean muscle mass through a natural release of exercise-induced growth hormone.

Virtual Active™ Programming

Need a change of scenery or motivational boost for your exercise routine? Try working out to Virtual Active™ programming. It provides an immersive experience built right into the Touch and Elegant consoles through high-definition video from spectacular places around the globe. The experience is further enhanced as the video playback speeds up or slows down based on the user’s pace and as the resistance adjusts to match the destination’s terrain.

In Summary

I like the new units by Vision a lot but I am not sure if the high end screens will find their place in the market at these prices. I cannot argue with the quality and ease of use but when you line up the units with the market it may be a tough sell for the additional features of the higher end units.