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A few years ago TRUE moved all of its manufacturing overseas from St Louis and for the most part have maintained a good quality across the board. The TRUE Fitness PS300 is a good example of a quality unit with a good number of features at an acceptable price. If you can get a discount from your dealer that gets you closer to $2500 which I have encountered at a few dealers it becomes a very solid value with a great feel.

The biggest enemy of any orthopedic belt system is heat and True’s system does handle it the best. Like any other treadmill the feel of the unit is based on the users preference but I would put this system in the top tier of shock absorption systems on the market. Along with Life Fitness, Precor, Landice, and Bodyguard the True system has a good feel and quality components.

One subtle benefit that the True has is a nice low 7’ step up height that does work very well in low ceiling basements and also sets up a low center of gravity for the entire unit. A taller or heavier runner can really appreciate the feel and sturdiness of this unit in this price range and really go to town when running on it.

As on every True this unit also has the Heart Rate cruise control system that makes heart rate training very simple and easy to use. Just get up to the level you want to maintain any way you want and hit the button, the machine will take over and maintain that level for you for the rest of your workout.


Orthopedic Belt

Trues orthopedic system is the best in the industry and handles the increased wear and tear the best.

Cruise Control HRC

True’s patented cruise control system is very easy to use and makes HRC simple to understand. Just put on the strap and go…once you reach your desired level..hit the button.

Quick Keys

On the display and within easy reach while running are the quick keys that allow the user to make easy interval changes on the fly.

Very large deck

The 22×60 inch deck is one of the largest decks available and allows for taller users to get full use out of the unit even at a high speed.

In Summary

The True PS300 is a wonderful treadmill that is easy to use and has a very solid feel. The orthopedic deck system has a great feel and puts it on the must run list for the price range. If a Life Fitness deck is too soft and a Landice is too hard, you should consider the orthopedic belt system on a True before jumping up on price for the Landice.