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This unit came out a few years ago in order to help TRUE get back some of the market share in the 2k range that Precor was starting to dominate with its lower pricing on the 9.23 and 9.27. They offer a very similar unit with a larger deck and smaller foot print that feels good underfoot and has the first orthopedic system offered by True.

The Orthopedic belt on this unit is not the same as the one on the PS300 and I am not as big a fan of this one as the the 300’s system. That does not take away from this units overall feel and quality.

I do want to point out to everyone who has bought a TRUE over the years that they are no longer made in O’Fallon, Mo., but all manufacturing has been sent overseas. I only point this out so that shoppers looking to replace will understand that the old True story has changed since their last purchase but for the most part the quality and care is still included.

Although the buttons are nicer the one screen display will resemble a Spirit or Sole display but the overall build and shock absorption system does set the unit apart from them. The aluminum side rails and orthopedic system is worth the upgrade from the M30 and just remember that additional maintenance is suggested with any orthopedic system.

True is still very proud of their Cruise Control Heart Rate Control system and I have to admit that it is easy to use and a lot of customers find it appealing once explained. It allows the user to get themselves to their target range and then with the hit of one button it will adjust accordingly to keep you in your zone. It saves you from having to enter a bunch of info and lets impatient users just get moving and started with their workout.


TRUE HRC Cruise ControlTM

This allows you to lock in on your targeted heart rate. Once your target is entered, one touch TRUE HRC Cruise ControlTM will adjust speed and incline automatically throughout the duration of your workout to maintain your target heart rate, just like the Cruise Control in your car.


With an overall length of just 74″, the M50 treadmill maximizes workout space in the home without having to sacrifice stability in a folding unit.

Orthopedic Shock System

The True Orthopedic belt system is the best system available and offers the most longevity of any comparably priced orthopedic system.

Quick Keys

The True M50 does offer one touch quick keys for both Speed and Incline in order to make self intervalling much easier while at pace.

In Summary

A very solid unit that offers a full range of programs and a good shock absorption system around the $2k price point. Just remember that an orthopedic system does not always offer more shock absorption then other systems but it does warrant additional maintenance due to the thicker belt holding in more heat than a regular belt. I would defiantly try this unit out in this price range, but if the Orthopedic system is your hot button I would suggest the True PS300 for the full shock absorption.