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The name Reebok has been synonymous with fitness for decades. Though a partnership with ICON Fitness, Reebok has created its own line of Cardio equipment. They now produce everything from treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes. The Reebok line is specifically made for home/residential use. The Reebok Zigtech 1910, in particular, is packed with features that are normally only found in higher-end machines. Thanks to the before mentioned partnership with ICON Fitness, they have been able to do this at a lower cost and higher quality than other machines at the same price point.

The Reebok Zigtech 1910 starts with quality construction. This machine is build on a solid foundation, using an aluminum frame and precision-machined / balanced non-flexed rollers. The combination of these two building blocks takes the brunt of a lot of the force that comes down on the treadmill, especially for runners.

The Reebok 1910 is also built with a 4.25 CHP motor that is basically the same as a motor that is used in many “light commercial” units. In fact, the Reebok 1910 Treadmill offers many great features, some of which you normally won’t find without spending significantly more.


ZigTech Cushioning system
Reebok invented ZigTech cushioning for use in their athletic shoes, and has done an excellent job of adapting that technology to its cardio equipment. The ZigTech system does help greatly to absorb the pounding that takes place when running on the treadmill.

High Tech Entertainment

One of the greatest things about the Reebok 1910 Treadmill is the extensive entertainment package. Some of the features include:

  • A full color 10 Inch touch screen display
  • Google Android Browser
  • HD Video workouts
  • iFit enabled
  • iPod compatible Audio with 2x 3 inch speakers built in

The screen in particular is one of the nicest we have seen in a residential treadmill. If you plan on using any of the Google browser, HD Video workouts, or the iFit programs, it will be worth spending the little extra for the 1910 (As opposed to the Reebok 1410 which has a smaller 7 inch screen).

Workout features and programs

The Reebok 1910 has a speed of up to 12 MPH as well as a max incline of 15%. It also includes a 3% decline feature for working out different muscles. These are pretty standard in most units although the 15% incline might be a little higher than most. All of these features have the 1-touch quick controls, which if you like to change up speeds during your run is a nice feature because you don’t have to hold down a button that eventually takes you out of stride.

The 1910 also features goal based training with your choice of goals based on time, distance, calories burned, or pace. I like to choose a different type of goal each day and then try to up those goals each week. It is a great way to improve your workouts while not getting bored by concentrating on any one feature. Speaking of getting bored, it will be hard on the Reebok 1910 Treadmill because there are 40 preset workout applications.

Other nice features include an EKG heart rate grip, as well as a wireless chest strap that is included and an integrated fan to keep you cool.

Due to the quality of the construction discussed above, the Reebok 1910 can handle users of up to 400 pounds. It also comes standard with a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame as well as 5 years on the parts and 2 years on labor.