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The Precor 9.35 treadmill is a very good unit with a solid feel and many program options to utilize. It also has a nice footprint for the home, but be warned that it is not your normal color combination for a treadmill.

The beiges, browns and oranges do have an appeal for some and not so much for others. I do not suggest making a decision based on color in any way but just be aware if you are putting it in a room that you want to blend with your significant other wants it to blend with,

The Ground Effects shock absorbing system has a nice feel that falls between a Life Fitness and a Landice in the amount of shock. It utilizes a triangle shaped rubber absorber that runs along both sides of the deck where you foot lands while running or walking. The feel is nice and the unit shake is minimal but the absorber is rubber so the feel may change over time as it wears. The company also speaks to its Integrated Foot Plant technology, but this has gone by the wayside as technology has improved and more and more units move from analog to digital.

The selection of programs and incredible ease of use for user profiles does make the unit very user friendly. 2 custom programs, 4 interval and 5 Heart Rate control programs means you will always have a ton of customization available and the Fitness test helps give you a baseline to measure yourself against regularly.

The only 2 real drawbacks that I find with the unit is the shorter deck and higher price. I find 56 inches to be a bit short but each person should try it themselves to see how it works for them if they are shopping in this range because the rest of the unit is well done.


Ground Effects® Impact Control (GFX®)

As I stated earlier this system has a nice solid feel that uses rubber shock absorbers on either side of the deck in order to absorb the force of the runner. Unlike most brands they do not use variable durometers but instead they use one solid piece per side that is triangle shaped. It is softer then a landice but firmer then a Life Fitness and is more then good enough to warrant an addition to the try list when shopping in this range.

Integrated Footplant™

Technology (IFT)

This was a bigger deal in years past before almost everyone moved from analog to digital systems for speed control. Now it is considered standard practices in most quality units. So it is very good to hav, but most units in this range now do/

4 user ID’s

Very easy to use user ID’s that allow you to control your programming and track progress. Not as deep in features as the new Life units or IFit equipped units but very easy to use.


I usually do not bring up the console as a whole but I really like the layout and simplicity of use that Precor has developed. It is very easy on the eyes and easy to understand and the buttons hav a very nice feel and feedback.

-2% decline

Not to many home treadmills have the ability to go decline and although it is only -2% it is a nice option to have and helps simulate real world running.

In Summary

Overall this unit has a very nice feel that sits very solidly and soundly underneath the user. I definitely recommend trying the unit out if you are in this price range, but be sure to check out the deck length while you are on it. I find the shock system comfortable and in the top 5 systems on the market and the quality is exactly what you would expect at this price point. Many people have said to save the $1000 and choose the 9.31 but once you are up at this range I would say get the one you really want but be sure to ask for a discount because the full MSRP is a bit steep for any home unit, especially one without a touchscreen.