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The Octane Fitness LateralX is a unique piece of cardio equipment. While built by Octane’s genius team of Elliptical designers, it is not quite like any other machine you will find at the gym. What the design team was going for when creating the LateralX is a machine that replicates our normal activities in life. The thought is that whether you are an elite athlete or a mother/father that runs around with your young kids, we are constantly moving side to side as opposed to in one straight line.

Think about that for a minute. A football player cuts, a basketball player weaves and certainly a hockey player needs to have a lateral motion for skating. Playing tag with your kids in the back yard requires the same lateral movement. So the design team wanted to create a machine that not only had all the cardio and cross training features of their standing Ellipticals, but also would be able to work different muscles and in a different way than any other cardio equipment on the market.

In my humble opinion, they succeeded.

The unit has 30 levels of resistance that allow you to actually use the unit just like a regular standing elliptical. However, once you start adding one of the 10 levels of lateral movement, you will immediately notice that you are no longer on an elliptical. It only took seconds for me to feel the burning in my quads as well as my glutes. As I moved my way up to adding higher levels of lateral movement that burn increased, but not so much in intensity as just how much muscle was burning. By the time you get to a level 10 of lateral movement, it is very similar, if not identical to a hockey skating motion working the inner thighs as well as the quads and glutes.

The LateralX also has some of the same features that are unique to other Octane Elliptical machines.

Handle Bar Design-The handle bars on the Octane Lateral X have two features that no other machine on the market can boast. First, they have a multi-grip design that allows the user to hold the handle bars from as many as 6 different grips, each changing the arm and shoulder muscles that get a workout. Second, the bars are also designed with Octane’s patented “converging path” which has the user pushing the bars towards each other slightly while going forward. A motion that is much more natural to the body than bars that go straight forward and back. This is a feature that you can immediately feel makes the unit more comfortable to use and as a result, you are likely to use it more.

Programs-The Lateral X has 13 total workout programs including programs that are set by your desired heart rate, and Cross circuit programs that are built into the console so that your cross fit part of your workout does not affect the timing or distance of your cardio workout. No other machine to my knowledge does this. Additionally, the machine also includes what Octane refers to as “Workout Boosters”. These boosters when added to your workout will force you to isolate certain muscle groups for a specific amount of reps. On the LateralX, there are three such “Boosters” : ThighToner™, QuadToner™, and X-Mode™. While the first two are self-explanatory as to what muscles they focus on, the third, X-Mode™, is actually a “catch-all” of sorts that randomly picks different things to do for a full minute. An example might be you are told on the counsel to “Squat, lean back, and go fast” all at the same time. These boosters are one of the things that makes the LateralX , and really all Octane products, one of the best all-around workouts you can get from a single machine. Your muscles and lungs will be challenged all at a pace that you can control. The other thing these “boosters” do for you is that they distract the pace your heart gets into when you are only working on a straight elliptical. The benefits of such “pace disruption” are well documented.