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The Landice L7 treadmill is an industry standard and has been a leading model for over a decade. It is a very well reviewed unit with a solid drive system and a good shock absorption system. They have brought to market a lot of add ons and features that make the units more tech friendly but they haven’t really kept the actual unit and programming up to date. In all honesty the displays themselves have not really changed in over a decade…just the framing and features around them have.

Landice uses an aluminum frame to help the unit absorb more of the runners force and to help resist rust overtime. The combination of frame and the VFX shock absorbing system is what they call the softer then grass system and for an additional charge you can add an orthopedic belt to make the deck even softer.

The unit utilizes a 4hp motor that is basically the same as their commercial drive motor. It is a very smooth and powerful motor that makes speed changes very smooth during programs. The elevation motor has 1000lb lift and has a very solid feel even for heavy users during incline changes.

There are four different display options for the Landice units and I suggest that you are truthful with yourself on what you really need because the differences are not huge but the price can grow quickly. Many users are actually better off with a simpler screen and adding a tablet mount or tv mount instead to the unit based on what they will use while working out.


VFX Shock Absorption System

Landice is the industry leader in treadmill shock absorption. Our VFX Shock Absorption System is based on medical research to provide optimum comfort, smoothness and reliability while reducing the risk of injury. Five-times softer than grass, it is designed for runners and walkers seeking significant impact reduction.

Frame Construction

Our exceptional quality starts with our solid, superior aluminum frame which will not rust.

High-Tech Entertainment Center

The High-Tech Entertainment Center comes standard on the L7 Treadmill. Included is an integrated reading/accessory rack; 30 pin iPhone, iPod or MP3 connectivity with Landice PodGrip™; a personal cooling fan; high-powered stereo speakers; and a convenient water bottle holder.

Orthopedic Shock Absorption System (optional)

The Orthopedic Shock Absorption System provides the ultimate reduction of impact on joints and knees, and is seven-times softer than running on grass.

Landice Vision System (optional)

Turn your Landice L7 treadmill into an entertainment center with the Landice Vision System. Our gorgeous 15-inch liquid-crystal display includes a side-loading DVD player and a built-in TV tuner. Plug your TV cable directly into the bottom of our treadmill to watch your favorite shows. *The Landice Vision System carries the display manufacturer’s 1- year parts warranty.

Landice Tablet Bracket (optional)

Enjoy all the internet has to offer with the Landice Tablet Bracket. Our proprietary adjustable clamp securely holds your iPad, Android tablet, or electronic reader in the perfect position for surfing the internet or viewing your favorite digital content. Mount and dismount your digital device in less than a second with a 7″ or 10″ dock. *iPad, Android tablet, electronic reader not included.

Accutrack Contact Heart-Rate Monitoring

AccuTrack contact heart-rate monitoring comes standard with the Executive or Cardio Control Panels, and is optional for the Pro Trainer and Pro Sports Control Panel. This option also comes with the wireless chest strap

In Summary

Landice is a standard in the residential treadmill world and is always worth consideration if you are a regular user in search of quality and American Made construction. But understand that they are priced accordingly and dealers are limited on what they can discount. If Landice is the brand you like just remember to be real with what console you actually need and add the entertainment features that keep you coming back.