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As you approach the new FreeMotion 790 treadmill the first thing that catches your eye will be the built in 15 inch TV and 10 inch android tablet. The TV has a HDMI and component hook up for your cable, and the tablet is very easy to sign onto your home Wifi. This allows you to catch all of your shows, emails, and surf the net while walking, running or skipping along on this monster of a folding treadmill.

The unit below all of these electronics is just as impressive. The solid steel frame with the EZ lift assisted folding mechanism holds steady with even the biggest runner pounding away. Noise levels are held mostly in check, so the loudest part will be the runners sneakers impacting the deck, and the huge 4.2CHP motor rolls along with barely a whine.

Overall this unit is very impressive at the price most stores are selling it at, $1999. Please do not fall prey to the inflated MSRP pricing of $2999 and definitely do not pay it! Falling just under 2 thousand dollars this unit is incredibly solid for a folding unit and offers a variety of programs and features you would be hard pressed to find on units even twice the price.


SRS™ Surface Response Suspension Cushioning

Although this system is not as soft as Life Fitness Flex Decks or Precors Ground Effects systems, it is an effective system with a good solid feel that allows for good run with minimal bounce and recoil. This system will help you run longer with less pain, and the frame has very little movement even during hi speed sprints.

10″ Full-Color Touch Screen with Browser Powered by Android™ & 15″ High-Definition TV

The ability to face the unit against a wall and still be able to see the TV is almost priceless in a space strapped situation that many people run into. I also love the ability to track and create workouts that can download to the tablet and be setup based on your self created running calendar. Customers truly love the built in HD workouts that take you places like Hawaii and Monterey California, but runners really love the ability to map their course on google maps and allow the unit to match the inclines and declines to their outdoor courses. But I would be lying if I didn’t tell you I sold a couple based on the fact that users could facebook, yahoo, and pinterest while walking. The key to any exercise program is engagement and this unit definitely allows for the user to become engaged or distracted….depending on what your need is.

36 Workout Apps & Training with Jillian Michaels & Competitions with Friends and Family

If you do need a little more then the HD tours or Google Maps offer this unit has even more. You can have Jillian Michaels create custom workouts just for you and your goals, or you can compete against other users online or in your own house. This unit will also track all of your workouts and allow for feedback and progression.

CoolAire™ Workout Fan & Dual-Grip Heart Rate Monitor with Polar® Wireless Chest Strap Included

I am not normally a large proponent of built in fans on any exercise units, but this fan actually works. It will blow your hair back and cool you off at level 5, but does add a little noise to the unit. The built in contact heart rate monitors and Included Polar wireless strap also add to the ease of use and convenience of this product.

In Summary

Solid unit with a good warranty and a good feel. The available electronics makes for good user engagement and the large selection of programs allows for growth and a large user spectrum. At $1999 I give this unit a positive review but do suggest considering an extended warranty for the TV and Tablet.