Hi, my name is Mike Kupfer and I’m one of the contributors here at treadmill.com. There are just just a handful of days to go before the New Year’s resolutions start to kick in. There are so many out there who are like me that I thought I would chronicle my attempt to be more fit in 2013. I am hoping that this also helps me to stick to my resolution.

First off about my resolution:

I am not going to set some “I must lose 40 pounds or be able to run a marathon” type goal. In the past these types of goals have only made me feel badly when I fall of the wagon bit. I found if I stop working out or running for a few days or a week for any reason, it is easier for me to use that backward step as a reason to stop completely. The same thing if I was to fall off the wagon food wise. A splurge on my favorite pizza (Peace in Chicago) might lead to a couple of days of eating poorly and that could lead to more poor eating choices until eating unhealthy can become the norm.

Not this year. Not in 2013.

This year my resolution is to try to create a healthier, fit lifestyle for myself every day.

I am going to take a similar philosophy to the one I take about my company’s sales efforts which is: “Your days take care of your weeks, your weeks take care of your months, your months take care of your quarters, and your quarters take care of your year.”

With a resolution not so absolute, and the philosophy above, all I need to do to keep my New Year’s resolution is to make an effort to be healthier and fit just ONE day at a time.

I don’t need a scale to tell me I am losing weight or getting more fit. My experience is that when I work out, in particular when I run on the treadmill, I can just FELL how even a two or three pound loss or gain changes how I feel about my workout.

So a little about me as it relates to the challenges I have experienced in the past regarding this resolution:

1) I am 42 years old – This makes my workouts sometimes tough because while I am not too old to get a good sweat on, I am old enough where I have to listen to my body and not over-do anything. Especially when I am starting out a regiment. If you are competitive like I am, it often seems that the goal I set for the beginning of a workout or run tends to change as I am going through the workout and sometimes that has me feeling great about my workout, but bad when I am to sore to work out for the next 2 days.

2) I am overweight by definition – I am not a guy that you would see walking down the street and think “things should be orbiting around that guy”. I am generally in good health, play tennis, hockey, and I run. However, If you asked a doctor who is measuring my percentage of body fat, they would classify me as boarder-line obese. I, like many 42 year old men, have that tire in my waist line that seems to never want to go away no matter what I do. While I do not want to judge my success in 2013 by pounds, I know I have been almost 25 pounds lighter in the past 5 years and I would like to get into that direction again.

3) I have two boys – Both of which involved in activities that have me (and my wife) running around with them on weekends, leaving ample opportunity to eat crap. Birthday party pizza, Hot dog joints after hockey games on the road, greasy spoons after baseball practice. All of which greatly add to my challenges of watching what I eat.

4) I am a foodie – I LOVE to eat. I live in Chicago (in the city and proud) and this is a great town for food. Even a bigger challenge than eating out with the kids is the ability to get some of the best Pizza, Ribs, Steaks, sushi and all types of ethnic food in the country pretty much at will.

5) I am the CEO of a technology consulting firm – As the CEO of Black Diamond Technologies I naturally have lots of lunch/dinner meetings and entertaining of clients, potential clients, employees, and partners. Also, this means it is very easy for me to “not have time” to work out or get to the health club.

So the first step in my 2013 goal of living a healthier lifestyle is to know my challenges and come to terms with the idea that I am NOT going to be able (nor do I want) to completely eliminate those challenges. However I do have to make changes to each, limit the effects of each as I can and remember my resolve does not change just because I have a lunch that is not ideal or a workout that is not as strong as I would like.

I need to take care of my days….

I’ll let you know how it is going, hopefully the tips and ideas I find helpful to me will also help you in keeping your resolution.

Let me know of tips you have had that help you keep your lifestyle resolutions…..