Around a month ago, one of my co-workers found previously misplaced motivation and decided it was time to get her fitness on and her diet in check. June began a daily regimen getting a good sweat on by rising before the sun at 5am and taking both her husband and their little dog, a Havanese named Mr. Reef, on a walk/run for no less than 25 minutes 6 times per week. Also, she started paying a lot more attention to what she ate after previously “eating whatever.”

June and her hubs started out mostly walk/running then moved to run/walking and the other day she couldn’t wait to tell me that she had run 2.5 miles without stopping. You see, June isn’t a runner. At least that’s what she would say if you asked her. She just doesn’t care for gyms, can go either way on group classes and isn’t motivated to work out after she gets home from work. So June found a way to make a fitness routine work for her when the time was right.

healty choice table

And here we have unhealthy choices being made. But seriously, you can’t pass up fried chicken, biscuits and grits in the South!

She doesn’t mind getting up early and likes having a partner to motivate her and she needs to tire out her dog, otherwise he’s a mile a minute. June started paying more attention to her diet, with the help of an app on her phone where she records her calorie intake, and has the support of her husband who is doing the same thing. I laughed when she turned to me one afternoon, wide eyed, and asked me if I knew just how many calories were in a Jimmy John’s tuna sandwich and I’ll tell you it was right then that I knew she was going to be able to stick to her lifestyle changes, if not all of them, then definitely making healthier food choices.

As we preach all day long in our office, education is SO important to a consumer/customer/human being. When you arm someone with knowledge, you empower them to make more informed decisions and with more informed decisions, those people are more apt to experience success.

healthy choice hike

This is how @parkersplash recoups her losses on a big ‘ol Southern meal. Who doesn’t love gangly hiking?

By June locating the necessary motivation and commitment to stick to a fitness plan and diet shift, she got to a place when she could educate herself and become more aware of what was going into her body. And she learned how to measure her calorie output, which is great because sometimes we have a tendency to float along oblivious or overestimate calorie burn.

What’s so great about this story is that one day June decided she needed to make a change. So she did. And so can you. While today might not have been the best day for your health, there is always tomorrow to get yourself back on track. And those healthier choices will always be there for you to choose, no matter what.