has been spreading the word about the Helix lateral ellipticals for some time now. Helix, which was the first lateral movement elliptical in the market, has also been described by many as “the best cardio machine on the market”.

Now nutrition expert and celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak has named the Helix ellipticals as one of his favorite products on the market. He discovered the Helix while at the 2014 IHRSA show in San Diego. Harley Pasternak is well known for being a trainer to the stars. He has worked with celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Halle Berry, and Jessica Simpson.

So why has Harley Pasternak chosen the Helix over so many cardio machines out there? Well it is simple. The Helix machines are high intensity cardio that also works your inner thighs, outer thighs, gluts, and even your arms better and faster than ANY other machine out there. Plus its lateral movement is great for people with knee or ankle injuries, as well as for athletes that need to have strong lateral movements to be great at their sport.

The Helix machines come in 4 models. 2 are considered residential models, 1 is considered light commercial, (for high end home users as well as rehab and hotel fitness centers) as well as 1 full commercial unit specifically made for due collecting gyms.

The two residential units are the Helix H905 and the H1000.

Helix H905 FULL

Helix H905

Helix H1000 FULL

Helix H1000

While these two units are similar, there are some significant differences. The Helix H905 lateral trainer retails for $1,999, but can be found online for just under $1100. It features 8 levels of resistance and an LCD screen that will show you time, calories, RPMs, distance, heart rate, and speed. The levels of resistance on the Helix H905 are manual and the console is powered by 2 AA batteries.

The 2nd residential unit is the Helix H1000. The major upgrades that you get when you purchase the Helix H1000 ($2495 list) are more resistance levels (16 total) as well as 8 built in programs. The H1000 also has a backlit LCD screen that is powered by AC adapter.

Helix HLT3000 Console

Helix HLT3000 Console

In reality, if you are going to spend $2495 on a helix model, you are better off going with the light commercial unit, the Helix HLT3000. The Helix HLT3000 has a much nicer LED computer based console, has 16 levels of resistance as well as 8 built in programs. It is also self-generating power so there is no power source needed. It is also the sturdiest of the Helix machines and has the highest quality of materials. The console is really the biggest advantage, and as you can see from the picture not only gives you all of the feedback such as time, calories, RPM, distance, level, mets, and watts but also gives you a visual on the programs such as hills, valley, rolling mountain, and Olympian.

The HTL3000 also has a heart rate control program that allows you to pick your desired heart rate and the machine will change the program to keep you in that heart rate.

Helix HLT3000 FULL

Helix HLT3000

List price on this unit is $3495, but can be found for just under $3,000. This is not much more than the H1000 which does not have all the features of the Helix HTL3000. IT also has a 1 year labor and 5 year parts (for residential use) (3 years for light commercial use) warranty. This is also superior to the Helix H1000. So for less than $500 more, the Helix HTL3000 gives you a much nicer, heavier and feature rich machine.

So while has been recommending this unit for a long time for the most novice all the way up to the most elite athlete, it is nice to finally see some celebrity endorsements from the likes of Harley Pasternak to give even more legitimacy to the unit. The reaction you hear from almost everyone who tries the helix even for a few minutes is how amazing it is. Try one and find out for yourself. You will for sure find a new favorite cardio machine, just like Harley Pasternak did.