About Karey Boerst: 30-something health, foodie, nut butter lover, & fitness enthusiast. The blogger behind Nutty About Health (www.nuttyabouthealth.com) and currently a Dietetics student with the goal of becoming an RD. I believe in being passionate about what you do in life & following your dreams. You only live once.

Bringing Health Into The Workplace

By: on January 21, 2013

You’ve been working on your health for a while now & are finally getting some healthy habits nailed down at home. So what happens when you leave that healthy safe zone & are thrown into that lovely place that we like to call… the workplace. It’s the place where we’re put under pressures, stresses, & deadlines. ...

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Food Labels Made Simple

By: on January 7, 2013

When you’re out food shopping are you a confident label reader, or not really sure what you should be looking for? No worries, I can make you into that confident label reader (and soon to be healthier person). We’ll break down those confusing and sometimes daunting labels one piece at a time. After all, I think good label...

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