About Andrea Parker: Andrea is an award-winning writer and former professional steeplechaser with a penchant for reading, tutoring and baked goods. She is a multiple time US National Championship athlete and a nine-time Big Ten champion for the University of Michigan Wolverines.

38 Tips for New Runners!

By: on November 10, 2014

Anytime you try something new, especially a new exercise regime, it always help to gather a few tips from people who have been there, lived it and learned from it. This goes double for running because despite it's unsuspecting appearance, if you head out the door without considering your shoes, where the nearest bathroom is on your route...

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Deal With Stress

By: on February 21, 2014

When it all gets to be a bit too overwhelming in the workplace- and in life- what do you do? Everyone has an outlet, or at least they should. Stress can have terrible ramifications on our health with elevated risk for disease and sickness, interrupted, non-restorative sleep, fat retention in stubborn areas, etc. etc. Basically, stress doesn't do the...

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Making Air Travel Work for Active People Part II

By: on November 21, 2013

You have a long flight coming up and you’ve found a way to reconcile feelings of guilt of not being able to adhere to your usual fitness regime and you’re feeling good about your travel outfit after following tips in part 1 of our 2-part series on air travel. But what about anxiety over seats, sleeping and staying healthy?...

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Making Air Travel Work for Active People

By: on November 14, 2013

In less than a week, I’ll be hopping on a plane, well, 3 planes, and heading off to Vienna, Geneva and Munich. While this vacation has been almost a year in the making, I’m excited to explore historical landmarks, run through the English Gardens and, of course, try some new foods-- but I have to get there first. And...

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Work Out Guilt

By: on October 28, 2013

These are the kinds of rewards a software company gets when they meet sales goals. Good thing there's endless seltzer water for me!Guilt. It’s a word and emotion that has nasty connotations and isn’t exactly uplifting, yet many of us experience it somewhat regularly, sometimes daily. Did I work out hard enough today?...

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So You Want to Go Gluten Free? : Part 3

By: on September 19, 2013

You made it to part 3 of going gluten free and have learned about ninja gluten, preparing yourself for the world not to be gluten free when you are and now you’ve got a fab app to help you find GF diet-friendly restaurants on the go. If you missed parts 1 and 2 follow the links at the bottom...

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So You Want to Go Gluten Free? : Part 2

By: on September 16, 2013

Consumer of wheat and gluten-y products: have you been convinced? Are you ready to go gluten free? No? OK, well then I suggest you consume part 2 of this 3-part series on going gluten free to discover some helpful techniques in maintaining your GF lifestyle and some unforeseen benefits of saying goodbye to wheat. This granola...

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So You Want to Go Gluten Free? : Part I

By: on September 12, 2013

Once upon a time there was a woman who had a spectacular sweet tooth, loved freshly baked bread, lived for a great deli sandwich and enjoyed the occasional breaded fried food. She tried to “eat healthy,” as she was a professional athlete and needed to make sure the fuel going into her body was of good quality, but there...

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Focused Changes + Finding a Fitness Partner = BIG Results

By: on September 9, 2013

Around a month ago, one of my co-workers found previously misplaced motivation and decided it was time to get her fitness on and her diet in check. June began a daily regimen getting a good sweat on by rising before the sun at 5am and taking both her husband and their little dog, a Havanese named Mr. Reef, on...

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Motivation: Finding the Source

By: on July 11, 2013

Motivation is an integral part in achieving success, reaching further than you thought possible, and making your dreams a reality. So why is it that sometimes we struggle to get motivated to complete even the most menial tasks when we know that it is motivation that is the key to that starting the engine of achievement? Simple. We’re humans....

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