Triathlon season has come to a close, cooler air has rolled in, and the fall running season has begun. Whether you’re training for a race, from a 5k to a marathon, or you’re just trying to get a jumpstart on your holiday fitness routine, here are a few tips that will help you make the most of this very colorful time of year.

1. Wear Layers

jessthumbsupHave you ever put on your winter running gear to head out for a run, only to step outside and start sweating? Although cooler temps have arrived, there are few warm days that seem to linger. Your best bet to avoid overheating, or shivering, is to layer.

A jacket can be easily taken off and tied around your waist. And arm warmers are the perfect solution for those cool mornings when you just need an extra layer until you get going and warm up.

2. Be Bold and Bright

When fall rolls around, we gladly wave goodbye to the heat and humidity, but that also means we leave behind the warm summer sunshine that wouldn’t set till 8pm! If you go for a run after work, chances are, it’s probably getting dark by the time you lace up your sneakers.

Shorter days and darker evenings warrant the use of bright and reflective clothing when running outside. So be bold, be bright and make sure you are easily seen if you’re out running when it’s dark. And lucky for all of us, neon is all the rage right now!

3. Heads Up

fit feetWhen running outside, be particularly careful about running through the leaves. Not only are they really slippery when wet, but when they’re piled up on top of the sidewalk, you may overlook a crack or uneven part of the pavement and get hurt.

And while running outside, don’t forget to look up and enjoy the beautiful, colorful trees!

4. Hit The Treadmill

Autumn not only brings with it cooler weather, but also more frequently rainy and windy days. If you’re following a specific training plan, it’s not always realistic, or reasonable, to reschedule a long run or import workout because of inclement weather. Thanks to, you don’t have to! Go for a run on one of their top-of-the line treadmills in the comfort of your own home, or head to the gym and log a few miles without getting wet.

treadmill run

5. Bottoms Up

I think we all can agree, it is much more pleasant to run outside when it’s 60 degrees versus when it’s a sweltering 90. Thank God for fall and falling temperatures, however, don’t forget to hydrate! Because of the lower humidity and cooler weather, you won’t sweat as much and therefore might not realize you’re becoming dehydrated. So, don’t forget to drink plenty of water regardless of the weather!

So while you’re enjoying the crisp, cool air and the colorful fall foliage on your next run, don’t to follow these five tips to help you make the most of your workouts this fall.