While getting a great workout on one of Treadmill.com’s awesome treadmills or cardio machines is a great way to get stay in shape, you may want to spend some more time outside this summer. Why not add a bit of adventure to your fitness routine and try one of these unique and fun ways to stay healthy and fit.

1. Join A Team

Sports teams aren’t just for kids anymore. From softball leagues to flag football to ultimate Frisbee to running clubs, there are tons of ways for adults to get fit without sacrificing their social life.

Most sports leagues and running clubs are held after work and on the weekends so they are a great, and fun way to get fit, meet some new people and enjoy a little friendly competition.

join team

Another benefit of joining a team is the accountability. You’re less likely to skip a game or a group run because there are other people counting on you. It’s a win-win even if you don’t win the game!

2. Stand Up Paddle boarding

Although I lived in California for 4 years and my first purchase was a surfboard, I still never got the hang of surfing. But stand up paddle boarding (SUP), now that’s a different story.

stand up paddle boarding

Not only is it an amazing arm and shoulder workout, but also you’ll target your core and your legs, specifically your inner thighs, as you try to stay balanced on the board. It’s also so much fun that you won’t even realize that you’re “working out”.

The best part is that you don’t have to live by the beach to SUP! Here in Nashville, there are places that rent stand up paddleboards that you can take out on the river. So if you’ve always wanted to surf but won’t be making it out to California any time soon, give stand up paddle boarding a try!

3. Train For A Triathlon

Another thing you should “tri” this summer is a triathlon! Not only will you get fit, but you’ll also be inspired, eliminate doubt, gain confidence and prove to yourself that you can do a triathlon!

triathlon train

Training for three sports, swimming, biking and running, will offer you variety of ways to get fit and will keep your body guessing, thus preventing the dreaded plateau. Having a race to train for will keep you motivated and give you a tangible goal to work towards.

Training for a triathlon is easier then you think and more and more people are signing up for this adventure and loving it! Check out TwoTri.com for lots of beginner tips and training plans to help you reach your goal of becoming a triathlete!

So when someone asks you, “How was your summer?” you can answer enthusiastically and say that your team won the championship game, you learned to stand up paddleboard or that you became a triathlete. Are you up for the adventure? Dive in!